Countries that have legalized gambling

The gambling industry is growing. Every year, countless casinos are opened in many countries around the world. However, the large number of players, the expanded number of casinos does not mean that betting is a strongly encouraged activity. Currently in the world, not all countries allow gambling activities to take place. Many places have only a few provinces or states where betting is legalized. Below is a list of 5 countries that has studied and shows that all 5 countries can gamble completely legally.

The United Kingdom

In the UK, gambling is legal, and every casino or gambling organization that takes place has a watchdog. The locality will provide a license to those who participate here provided that person, or that unit is subject to strict control rules set by the Commission.

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There will be different levels of review depending on the audience as well as on-line or land based casinos. The operators will monitor for a long time and take deterrent measures for cases of dishonesty in casino business.

He is the kingdom leading the way for many other countries to legalize gambling. Moreover, the online gambling system in this country is also reviewed by the state. Very safe and does not harm or interfere with national security. Also because the kingdom is extremely large and the mining scale has a lot of potential, so many operators are willing to play under the strict rules set out by the law here.


Although Japan is a small country located in an oasis, it is considered a significant gambling entertainment place in the Far East. This country is always smart in every step, famous for its home industry, Japan has strict requirements on the betting industry. The law allows players to participate in betting, casinos are circulated together. Players must undertake all betting games including online betting safely.

All underage gambling and online casinos are required to obtain a license before the casino is available to Japanese players.


One of the countries in Europe and possessing the strongest economy. Therefore, people here have the ability to gamble a lot. German law allows gambling but is very strict about this, especially online betting. In some German states, online gambling is fully regulated and legally developed. Online betting operators not based in Germany are also allowed and allowed from this country. This makes the game more and more offered at German casinos, both diverse and many participants under the legal management of Germany.


Although gambling has been introduced to Spain for a long time, it was not until 2011 that the law passed and unified the casino to open and operate publicly in Spain. Bets have certain rules imposed by the state and are enforced by the house casinos. In general, the decision to legalize is right because Spaniards have just had time to enjoy the great betting environment and have more licensed operators in Spain to help the economy go up.


Most French people of all ages gamble online. Some parts of the players participate in casinos based on a national scale, others prefer international operators. In France casinos are popularly played thanks to branded games like Roulette, so it's not surprising that locals like to gamble. In 2010, the gambling law was introduced and legalized online gambling and the online casino game governing body is responsible for keeping the gambling market fair and civilized.

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In the future, when the gambling industry grows at a certain level, there will be more countries legalizing the gambling industry. is an online site in Singapore, legal, safe, quality and beyond that is available to players from many countries around the world.

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